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Rap Music: One Really Can Be Too Old For Some Things
by Marjorie Dorfman

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boombox2Pac’s success lies mostly in the area of gangsta rap where I‘ve heard some talk about living by the sword and dying by the sword. His life was a turbulent mess and he spent as much time in prison as he did in the recording studio. He was the first artist to enjoy a number one record while actually serving a prison sentence! Still, the music and influence of this fallen great are more than worthy of discussion. He does stand up for women on welfare as evidenced by his piece "Keep Ya’ Head Up". There is hypocrisy, however, or at best severe contradiction in his lyrics as well, for he does refer to women in other songs as "jealous ass bitches". Still, his message reaches and penetrates, even though his is a most uncomfortable truth. Consider the sincere lyric in his latest album "I let my heart die." The man feels for his world and his place in it. I may not understand him, but I can respect him for that.
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In a recent interview the mother of Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminen, claimed that her famous son is not at all concerned with his message to the youth of today or whether or not he speaks the truth. All is for show and commercialism. Lyrics like: "bitch, I’m a gonna kill you" and "you faggots keep egging me on" make anyone outside looking in wonder about the positive nature of his message. His impoverished Detroit childhood and meteoric rise to fame dubbed him "the next great white hope". His style falls into the Hard Core Hip Hop variety, which is about as clear to me as mud. His lyrics are considered harsh, irreverent, nihilistic, hostile and acerbic, just to drop a few adjectives. His big successes "Slim Shady" and "Infinite" hallmark his highly exaggerated nasal rapping style and lyrical ability, but there is much controversy over his repeated use of graphic violence.

In a recent biography, Sidney Poitier earmarked the measure of a man as being the way he treats his family. With such a yardstick, according to Mrs. Mathers at least, that leaves a lot to be desired by Eminem. Despite all his millions, the super star won’t pay for his younger brother’s school and Mama herself is not permitted in his house because Mrs. Eminen won’t let her in! Truth or lie, and considering that there are two sides to every story, all of it stinks. Sorry, but it does. Just consider how Elvis Presley treated his family and friends. He may be old hat to today’s rappers, but his respect and love for his family, despite his tragic and drug induced end, were positive examples for the youth of his generation. (Let’s forget about his pelvis and how immoral Ed Sullivan thought it was to shake it in front of the television.)

In conclusion, "the king of rock ’n roll" still reigns over his generation and the stars of rap rule over their own. There’s room for both and more in this ever-changing world of cardboard icons and rhinestone dreams. Fame is as fleeting as time sifting through an hourglass. The things that never do change for any generation are the values that challenge our collective conscience and our honor. Standing up for one’s rights is always the correct course of action, despite repercussions from those who resent the reflection that might cast in the mirror of their own particular shame. I could stand up against my crow’s feet, but I know I will have to learn to accept them. That’s what happens with middle age; hopefully, we all come to accept the things that we cannot change. Still, when it comes to rap music and its message, I guess one really can be too old for some things.
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"Inside every older person is a younger person- wondering what the hell happened."
. . . Cora Harvey Armstrong

"No man is ever old enough to know better."
. . . Holbrook Jackson, Ladies Home Journal, 1950

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